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Edinburgh Wedding Photographers - Edinburgh Wedding Photographers


We live to adventure, to learn and to grow. We cherish new experiences and meeting interesting and excellent people, like you. We travel the length and breadth of the UK photographing stories of love. Near or far we’re excited to be part of your new adventure.

Edinburgh Wedding Photographers - Edinburgh Wedding Photographers

…yes, we did go wild swimming in the North Sea for this wedding

Our photography style

Is natural, colourful and contemporary wedding photography

Edinburgh Wedding Photographers - Edinburgh Wedding Photographers

[They] really listened to what we wanted and helped make our day flow so easily

Julia + Robbie

How much?

We offer an hourly rate for weddings. It makes things really simple!

£175 per hour.

Edinburgh Wedding Photographers - Edinburgh Wedding Photographers

see our price page for our other services

Edinburgh Wedding Photographers - Edinburgh Wedding Photographers

We’re dedicated to authentic, intimate wedding photography

When we decided to book Fern Photography for our wedding we had no idea we had just struck gold!

Julie + Robert
Edinburgh Wedding Photographers - Edinburgh Wedding Photographers

Still in the early days of planning? Our FAQ page can help you to plan and ease your stress levels.

You can see more ways we go the extra mile on our portfolio page

How we got to here, now…

Fern Photography started in 2011 by Dan and Matt. We wanted to create wedding photographs that were real stories for real people.

Our first weddings were unconventional, mostly in the dark by firelight. The importance of storytelling for these couples connected with us as photographers. We felt wedding photography should be about a couple’s story and their wedding journey and not about the photographer wanting to create one epic portrait for their portfolio.

Back then storytelling wedding photography was only just emerging. We were kind of making it up as we went along. In a way that was the perfect way to do it too. We didn’t approach weddings from any traditional template so everything was possible and nothing was considered taboo.

As more and more couples wanted their own wedding stories told there was a demand for their work that couldn’t be met by just Dan and Matt alone. The team began to grow.

We are now four fantastic liked-minded humans who love photographing couples’ stories.

You can absolutely trust Fern Photography with your wedding day.

Ruth + Liam

We are specialist wedding photographers in Edinburgh. We’ve been to over 200 weddings between us and have been working professionally as wedding photographers for +10 years.

We love big, extravagant weddings, small intimate elopements and everything in between. All of us love photographing weddings, wherever they may be, however, Matt and Sinead specialise in weddings and elopements in the wilds of the Highlands & Islands and Dan & Romina are expert urban wedding photographers.

Four people, from different parts of the world, came together, in Edinburgh, following an urge to create wedding photographs with authenticity. 

We offer a personalised photography service with a natural approach to your wedding day. We focus on the real moments of joy taking place at your wedding. 

At your wedding we don’t hide, we blend in like a friend. We dress like guests, chat with guests and act like guests. Our aim is to fit right in with your friends and family like they were our friends and family. No cheese, no stuffiness, no demands, just maximum effort and maximum fun! If that’s what you want, get in touch and tell us about your wedding.