Wedding photography is the art of combining observation, empathy and creativity. With these skills we make personalised narratives of weddings because, in time, your wedding story will develop into a historical record and a souvenir. It’s why we focus on authenticity.

Authentic wedding photography comes from developing a relationship with you. That relationship is vital. It’s the bedrock of our wedding photography. The ability to make original, candid photographs at your wedding comes from how well we know you. Without knowing who and what you love at your wedding, we can’t take the photos that matter to you. Wedding photography is about understanding people.

Talking about wedding photography would be incomplete without mentioning portraits. We often joke that we specialise in couples who dislike having their photographs taken. The relationship we build with you is how we achieve beautiful wedding portraits. We offer pre-wedding sessions so we can get to know each other through portraits. We make sure pre-wedding sessions are fun and relaxed. Couples are enthusiastic about the experience too. They tell us they start off apprehensive and finish eager for portraits at their wedding.

Approaching wedding photography in this way means we capture genuine images at weddings and real, natural portraits of couples. The feedback we get is we’ve captured what they remembered about the emotions and experiences of the wedding day. That’s high praise. We produce images that feel sentimental and authentic to our couples.


If you’re coming to Scotland to elope, then you’re coming to the right place. Scotland has a glorious tradition of elopements. The landscape and culture here make it the perfect, romantic place for an intimate ceremony. We travel all over the country to photograph elopements. We’re always excited to hear from couples planning their elopement or intimate wedding in Scotland.

Engagement Portraits

Take advantage of the wild and wonderful landscape of Scotland. An engagement portrait session in the glens and lochs is a romantic and timeless way to celebrate your relationship. We have lots of locations we can suggest too. Scotland offers an environment that’s unique and beautiful. Engagement portraits also make a perfect accompaniment to your wedding story.

We’re passionate wedding photographers. It’s in our blood and in our souls. We’ll make sure your experience is personal and supportive. We want to enhance your wedding, not just take part.