We’re often asked why we offer Pre-wedding Portrait Sessions as standard on all our wedding packages. We think it’s an integral part of our workflow. Here are 5 reasons why.

1 – We want to get to know the real you

Engagement session in North Berwick

Part of the reason we take such nice images is because we get to really know you before the wedding. It’s so difficult to get intimate images of strangers, so let’s be friends!

2 – Learning to work together will benefit all of us on the wedding day

There’s a certain amount of learning that happens on a pre-wedding session. That means all of us learn from each other. Getting really natural images needs a little bit of direction but it needs to be done in a relaxed way. We want to ask you to do things you feel you would normally do with your partner, so we need to learn how to bring out those feelings in you. You’ll also learn how we work as photographers. We’ve been told it’s a great comfort to know how relaxed we are before the wedding day and that our way of taking portraits puts people at ease on the big day.

3 – It’s a great opportunity to catch up with your wedding plans

It’s easy to miss passing on details to us. If nothing else it’s a good opportunity to have time to chat about the wedding with each other. The nitty-gritty details often come up in these conversations and we learn a lot more from a face-to-face discussion than from an online form. So many important details have been learned on these sessions that we were thinking of writing a book on planning!

Actually, the book probably won’t happen. We’re too busy taking pictures to write that!

After you’ve shared your ideas you’ll definitely benefit from our experience on your pre-wedding session. Planning the perfect photography is a team effort and knowing about the details of your wedding day will help make that happen.

4 – You get to see the results of our work with you before the wedding

Hands up who’s paid for something then actually wondered if it was worth the money?


Yeah, we’ve all been there. Doing a pre-wedding session means you get to see and experience how awesome, relaxed and professional we are. And you get great pictures to enjoy before the wedding too!

5 – It’s a fun day out!

This one’s our personal favourite. Wedding planning is hard work. Stressful too! Take a break and relax. Think of this as an opportunity to enjoy the lighter side of wedding planning. It’s your time to bask in the warm glow of your wedding planning awesomeness and enjoy yourselves.