A beautiful day for a Carberry Tower wedding

Louise and Bryan’s Carberry Tower wedding was fantastic. We really couldn’t have had more fun with them. It was laugh, after laugh, after laugh the whole day.

The Location

Carberry Tower has gorgeous rooms and stunning views with beautiful grounds to top all that off. All that paled in comparison to Louise’s wedding dress, a rose pink coloured gown that was perfect for the wedding. When we photographed the dress in the bridal suite it just looked stunning hanging from the romantic four poster bed in the room.

Like a lot of the places we photograph in Scotland a Carberry Tower wedding is one steeped in history. There has been   a building of one sort or another there since the 11th century, when monks were granted the land, however it wasn’t until John de Crebarrie took ownership of the land that the first tower was built. With all this history about the place it’s hard not to wander around in awe. Having a Carberry Tower wedding really adds some elegance to the day.

Before the ceremony

Bryan got ready at their home with his groomsmen. It was a chaotic but surprisingly well planned morning, mostly because Louise had left annotated snacks for everyone. At Carberry Tower it was all about the Champagne. There was logs and lots of it around. There’s so much space to get ready here and the light that comes in through the huge windows is so soft. It’s just what a photographer needs for romantic images.

The ceremony

With all the guests gathered in the ceremony room Bryan was starting to feel the pressure. Louise, on the other hand was laughing and dancing all the way there. The ceremony itself was lovely. You could really feel the love in the room. When they were pronounced married everyone let up a cheer and Louise punched the air in celebration. It was a great way to finish the ceremony and a good way to start the celebrations.

The celebration

Just like the first half of the day, the second half was all about having the most fun possible. When the band started to play every guest got up to dance. It was great to see and even better to photograph. We love weddings with a focus on party! We had a great time and would have stayed to the last person but for the fact we had to get back to process their wedding photos. If you are planning your wedding and want a perfect place to have it, make it a Carberry tower wedding.

Wedding photography by Fern Wedding Photography, Edinburgh.