Fern photography team portrait

Engagement portrait at sunset

Encapsulating the joy of the day through storytelling

Storytelling is my passion. Written, spoken and photographed. Telling people’s stories through a lens is, for me, the ultimate expression of my art. Photographing a wedding is the pinnacle of that. It’s a culturally important milestone in many people’s lives. I feel incredibly privileged that I get to share in that celebration and record their wedding. There is a great sense of duty that comes with photographing weddings and that trust drives me to excel with every image. It’s a day that is unique to you; that’s what excites me.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve moved a lot; having lived in England, Ireland, France and now Scotland. Immersing myself in different places has allowed me to see things with an open mind; a curiosity that feeds into how I create images. Now that I’ve made Edinburgh my home I get to enjoy its vibrancy and culture. It’s the perfect hub to work as a creative photographer.

I see weddings as the end of one adventure and simultaneously the beginning of a new one, and like a photograph, a wedding is a blip in time between one reality and the next. I get to be there to capture it; the energy from two people committing themselves to each other forever. I like to show a realness in my images. My style is colourful, romantic and focussed on the human narrative of weddings. There is a word that perfectly describes my photography; ‘joyful’.

A people watcher with a purpose; to capture your moment in time

Leaving home in New Zealand back in 2006 was my first taste of photography. I left to travel the world and fell in love with the patterns, shapes and emotions everywhere I went. I loved the challenge of capturing those moments in time for all to see.

I started by photographing travel, landscapes and animals but quickly fell in love with the beauty and vibrancy that I found in photographing people. I was drawn to wedding photography as it is natural and candid. People watching with a purpose. I can observe from a distance, then capture real life, instead of scripted life. I like to focus on all the happiness of a wedding day. When I photograph I am drawn to all the emotions; I want my finished wedding album to represent this. You’ll find that the majority of my photos to be of people smiling, laughing and occasionally happy crying.

I have stayed with wedding photography as it involves everything that motivates me. Meeting new people, a predictable workload and I can truly be creative. It still challenges me and keeps me on my toes. I’m constantly pushing myself to get the best images for my clients.

When I am not taking pictures at weddings I am going on holiday (and most likely taking pictures there!) I’ve been to India a few times. The place and the book Shantaram speaks to me. The book explores the beauty, friendship and kindness in poverty and how that can help you have a manageable life. It made me want to help much more than even seeing it in real life.

You make the memories; I’ll use my intuition to get the shot

I’m an Edinburgh based, Irish born photographer with a good sense of humour, a great understanding of people, relationships and a great intuition that helps me to predict, then capture your special moments.

I take a bend over backwards, practical & imaginative approach to all aspects of my photography and work. Choosing me as your wedding photographer would be an honour; I’ll do all I can to understand your needs. I truly want to get to know you both, what you love and how you picture your wedding day. I’ll facilitate, imagine and accomplish the creation of something beautiful for you and your loved ones to share for years to come. Capturing the day in a way that is true to your vision.

Expressing the love of my art through your love as a couple

I swapped wind for hills in pursuit of my calling to photograph weddings. I grew up in Trieste, a windy city by the sea, and I now live in Edinburgh (famous for its castle on the hill). I’m drawn to wherever my camera takes me, with amazing photographers, and great friends.

I see photography as an art. As I’m sure most photographers do! I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the wedding industry for over 6 years; I love the connection I make with my couples. If you are looking for a photographer that thinks outside of the box and doesn’t mind moving mountains (figuratively, of course, I’m not that strong) to get you the pictures you’ve been dreaming about; I’m the right fit for you.

I’m a proud Slytherin, crazy about chocolate, and jasmine tea. I love Christmas lights (in fact, they are now all-year-round lights), succulents & punk rock.