Daniel Rannoch


Storytelling is my passion. Written, spoken and photographed. Telling people’s stories through a lens is, for me, the ultimate expression of my art. Photographing a wedding is the pinnacle of that.

It’s a culturally important milestone in many people’s lives. I feel incredibly privileged that I get to share in that celebration and record their wedding. There is a great sense of duty that comes with photographing weddings and that trust drives me to excel with every image. It’s a day that is unique to you; that’s what excites me.

I think it’s fair to say I’ve moved a lot; having lived in England, Ireland, France and now Scotland. Immersing myself in different places has allowed me to see things with an open mind; a curiosity that feeds into how I create images. Now that I’ve made Edinburgh my home I get to enjoy its vibrancy and culture. It’s the perfect hub to work as a creative photographer.

I see weddings as the end of one adventure and simultaneously the beginning of a new one, and like a photograph, a wedding is a blip in time between one reality and the next. I get to be there to capture it; the energy from two people committing themselves to each other forever. I like to show a realness in my images. My style is colourful, romantic and focussed on the human narrative of weddings. There is a word that perfectly describes my photography; ‘joyful’.

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