I started by photographing travel, landscapes and animals but quickly fell in love with the beauty and vibrancy that I found in photographing people. I was drawn to wedding photography as it is natural and candid. People watching with a purpose. I can observe from a distance, then capture real life, instead of scripted life. I like to focus on all the happiness of a wedding day. When I photograph I am drawn to all the emotions; I want my finished wedding album to represent this. You’ll find that the majority of my photos to be of people smiling, laughing and occasionally happy crying.

I have stayed with wedding photography as it involves everything that motivates me. Meeting new people, a predictable workload and I can truly be creative. It still challenges me and keeps me on my toes. I’m constantly pushing myself to get the best images for my clients.

When I am not taking pictures at weddings I am going on holiday (and most likely taking pictures there!) I’ve been to India a few times. The place and the book Shantaram speaks to me. The book explores the beauty, friendship and kindness in poverty and how that can help you have a manageable life. It made me want to help much more than even seeing it in real life.

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