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Aimee + Daryl – A Dunglass Estate Wedding

What more can you ask for from a wedding day than a romantic stone chapel, two wonderful people getting married in it and a sea of daffodils outside? Nothing more, that’s what.

Dunglass Estate is one of our favourite places to go for weddings. There’s so much on offer there, it’s a joy to photograph in. That said, the story is only ever down to how the wedding day unfolds. In Aimee and Daryl’s case the wedding story unfolded like all true love stories should. Warmth, passion and a joyful ending. Without doubt I really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph them among the flowers near the pond on the estate. As the sun began to set behind them it started to feel like the universe had reached out and plucked the colours from the flowers and sprinkled them in the sky just for us. It was magical. Feeling refreshed with nature’s glow, we walked back into the marquee to dance in a wash of good feelings.