Aimee and Daryl met us at Yellowcraigs for their beach pre-wedding session. The weather on this day was bright but chilly so we kept our jackets on for most of the day. The breeze coming off the North Sea can be unforgiving to the reckless. As we all walked to the beach, enjoying the sun on our faces, we asked how they were feeling about getting their photos taken. Both of them stated that, without doubt, they were apprehensive about it.

Why is that? We asked.

We don’t look good in a photograph, was their reply.

We’ll see about that… we thought

So that was the beginning of two hours of photography that would be fun, relaxed and strangely focussed on chicken fajitas… and Aimee’s sister’s handbag.

We started off the session in a nice and calm manner with a walk through the beach grass and sand dunes. Whilst we strolled, we explained how we approach these sessions with nice, simple, static poses, to begin with, working up to more relaxed and fun shots as they get more comfortable around the camera. Happily, we all relaxed into the session very quickly. Aimee and Daryl had never been to Yellowcraigs before and they absolutely loved the place. That played a large part in making the session more fun because this was a mini adventure! Yellowcraigs is a really beautiful spot on the East Lothian coast and one of our favourite places to go for photographs.

We walked around the area finding nice places to stop and take portraits. They became so happy with the session we felt comfortable getting out our film camera for some medium format awesomeness. We can’t wait to see the images once they’re back from the lab!

These images disprove completely their theory that they don’t look great in a photograph and despite its valiant attempts, Aimee’s sister’s handbag only managed to get into one photograph of its own! This beach pre-wedding session was a success because of our attention to making sure they were comfortable and happy. It’s this approach that makes images great.

We finished off the session in true style with a 99 ice cream with flake. It was the beach, after all!