Why settle for one wedding when you can have two? That’s how Louise and Patrick decided to celebrate their marriage. A week earlier they had a wedding on the banks of Loch Tay for their family. This time it was for their friends at Ardoch House.

The Location – Ardoch House

Once again, their choice for the wedding was stunning. Ardoch House, on the banks of Loch Lomond, commands stunning views of the loch and the Trossachs on the horizon. It specialises in smaller, intimate weddings and with the mist hanging in the air on this day it was the perfect romantic backdrop for a wedding. When we arrived, after a rather long drive from Edinburgh, we instantly felt at home here and knew exactly why Louise and Patrick had chosen here for their (second) wedding.

Before the ceremony

Since they’d already had a wedding the previous weekend there wasn’t a need to hide away before the ceremony. This made the start of the day feel much more relaxed. Everyone was mingling and chatting as they arrived to Ardoch House and the staff took care of everyone with mugs of hot chocolate, topped with cream and a splash of rum. As the guests were greeted in the lounge they were asked to pick a random piece of paper from a bowl. Once unfolded, the paper revealed which table they would sit at for the dinner. We thought this was an excellent idea for deciding on seating for the dinner, let chance decide!

The ceremony

Louise and Patrick chose an outdoor ceremony, which was brave considering it was the 3rd of December and in the Highlands of Scotland. The blankets and the rum laced hot chocolate were welcomed by their guests as they waited for Louise to arrive. Their ceremony was personal, and heart-warming and as we took photos of everyone witnessing the couple, it was obvious that everyone there really cared for Louise and Patrick. Some of our favourite moments from 2016 came from these moments.

The evening

Once dinner and speeches were finished it was time for dancing. This was what Louise, Patrick and all the guests were looking forward to. Everyone was up for a party. Louise and Patrick had their second first dance then, as soon as the DJ’s music started the floor was filled with people. This was to be the state of the dance floor for the rest of the night. A surprise for us, and the guests, was a saxophone DJ combo. This was one of the best evening entertainments we’ve seen at a wedding reception. For the rest of the evening we just free formed the photos and the result was fantastic.

Wedding photography by Fern Wedding Photography, Edinburgh.