Catherine + David – An Old Fruitmarket wedding

On Catherine’s farm we quickly felt at home. It was one of those places that’s used to welcoming in lots of people, particularly around busy times in the farming calendar. Catherine, David and their families reflected that homely, welcoming charm they had developed from farm life and it was clear that we would fit right in on their wedding day.

The morning had a busy purposeful feel to it. Not rushed or stressed, just perfectly well planned. We enjoyed getting ready, chatting and sharing stories. The sun began to shine brightly. It was time to go.

We arrived at Trades Hall in Glasgow. It’s a huge space which is just as well since they had 350 guests to watch them get married. Inside it had the opulence of an 18th century Glasgow building and this really added to the special feeling of the ceremony. I’m betting it’s the first time those walls have had Lion King songs sung at it though!