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Eilidh + Andrew – A Cruin Wedding

Scotland is famous for its Lochs. A Cruin wedding offers couples a spectacular location on the banks of one of Scotland’s most famous Lochs, Loch Lomond.

Eilidh and Andrew grew up around Glasgow but had both moved down to London. They decided that when they got married it would be perfect if they returned to the area for their wedding.

We arrived to photograph their wedding on a glorious summer day and got to enjoy their sweet, personal, wedding ceremony outside against the backdrop of Loch Lomond with Ben Lomond in the distance. It was fantastic to see all their friends and family celebrating as they walked back down the aisle.

It’s fair to say that Eilidh and Andrew have a great sense of humour. Their wedding guests do too. There was a great deal of fun and laughter flowing throughout the day. I recall a story Eilidh told me on their pre-wedding session about how her mum had convinced her a bowl of cornflakes and orange juice was in fact a bowl of cereal and milk (because she’d run out of milk) and that her dad had thought the film Magic Mike was in fact a film about a Magician called Mike and sat through the whole film waiting for some magic to happen. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much with these two.

Knowing that I took a calculated guess that they would say yes to my idea for a portrait at sunset. One of their guests was using Eilidh and Andrew’s GoPro to catch some candid movies. I asked if it would be cool if I borrowed it for a portrait, the catch, I’d have to strip to my underwear and jump in the Loch for the right angle. They were well up for the idea so that’s what I did. I was pleasantly surprised how nice the water was. I was a little disappointed at how unfit I was too. I’ll need to practice more swimming for future weddings!

The evening was equally fun with everyone up on the dance floor. This was exactly the day we expected it to be. Fun, friendly and full of life!