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Fiona + Craig – A Carlowrie Castle Wedding

Fiona and Craig’s wedding in Carlowrie Castle was fun, lively and romantic even though it rained most of the day.

The wedding

Fiona chose to get ready with her bridesmaids in a hotel close to Carlowrie Castle. The morning was good fun and relaxed. A great start to the day. It had been raining a lot that morning so we chatted about what we would do for portrait photos but since Carlowrie has so many great spots we knew we wouldn’t have any problems.

The wedding car arrived to pick up Fiona just after the red double decker bus left with the guests. From this point onwards we were in full wedding mode.

Their ceremony was packed full with their friends and family. We were in the Orangery and even though it was grey outside in there it was warm and colourful. It was one of those weddings that had lots of laughter during the ceremony too. They’re some of the best because everyone is relaxed and enjoying the day on a personal level.

One strange thing happened though. The celebrant, caught up in the excitement of a fun and lively ceremony, forgot to get the register signed. As the couple were walking down the aisle the videographer and I gave each other a look that said “something important just got missed, right?”

At that moment, just as the couple disappeared into the hall for Prosecco, the celebrant said to me “I forgot to get them to sign the register. They’re not officially married yet!”

I nodded. What else could I do? Ten minutes later we had managed to collect the Fiona, Craig and their witnesses together and we signed the register in a side room. Just as we finished, so did the rain. Perfect timing for portraits.


Carlowrie Castle is a luxury Castle, set within 32 acres of manicured grounds. Its full of fantastic artwork inside and outside the castle an is a pretty unique experience for a Scottish castle. It’s close to Edinburgh and a wonderful place to have a wedding if you have a larger wedding party to host.