Luxury and style with a Hopetoun House wedding

Louise & Chris’ Hopetoun House wedding was held in the majestic Hopetoun House, Edinburgh. Louise had planned the day meticulously, so choosing Hopetoun House was no surprise because it is the perfect venue. It is also a photographer’s dream location with huge windows, spacious grounds and impressive views. Chris added his own touch to the stately location, turning up in the A-Team van (signed by Dirk Bennedict no less!). It really did feel like the perfect day.


Hopetoun House deserves its reputation as Scotland’s finest stately home. It’s absolutely stunning. The vast estate is breathtaking too. We think it’s probably the very best wedding venue in the whole of Scotland. Not only are the house and gardens spectacular but the staff are also brilliant too. The interior has remained virtually unchanged for three centuries and remain elegant in their Georgian style. A Hopetoun House wedding will leave everyone talking about your day for years to come. When Louise and Chris told us they were getting married there we were more than a little excited to be their photographers. We knew straight away we were going to have an extraordinary day.

Before the wedding ceremony

Louise got ready at her house whilst Chris got ready at his parents. It’s always great when our couples decide to choose two photographers for the wedding photography because this means we can capture the start of the day for both of them. It was all relaxed and calm with Louise until Chris and the boys decided to turn up in the A-Team van. There was a mad rush to close the curtains and not let him see Louise before the ceremony. It calmed down again once the lads left and after a few last minute adjustments and a few glasses of bubbly it was in the car to the wedding.

The wedding ceremony

The ceremony reflected the style of the location. Held in the old stables end of the house, there was a string quartet playing music as Louise arrived in the room. Throughout the ceremony there was fantastic light coming in through the Georgian windows making everything look soft and romantic. Our favourite part was when the page boy and flower girl walked down the aisle. It was very cute.

The evening

The evening was all about dancing. Louise and Chris had planned everything to ensure that everybody would be up on the dance floor. They organised a Silent Disco, which was a special touch to the evening. It’s very strange to see people dancing, and hear them sing to songs that we had no access too. What a great idea.

Wedding photography by Fern Wedding Photography, Edinburgh.