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Got the Love Bug at Glencoe

Guest blog by Chantal Smyth; Wednesday 12th August at 4am., copywriter and bride to be.

There is currently a storm outside and the temperature is hotter than the sun. Should I be asleep? Well, yes of course. Why am I not asleep? The heat is making my midge bites burn like I can’t remember ever being bite free. Do I deserve this sleepless night? Probably as my cockiness towards my lack of being bitten two days ago was most likely frowned upon by those in the party who were coming out in a hives-like rash; whilst nothing was said at the time, nobody likes a show-off (i.e. me on this occasion!)

This is my account of 5 reasons to choose Fern Photography and Glencoe for your perfect pre-wedding pictures. Including 2 reasons not to as well; an honest review. They are the best kind after all.

Got The Love Bug At Glencoe - Glencoe

Makes even the toughest critics feel at ease

A pleasant drive north, my partner (David) and I found ourselves in a car park surrounded by the most stunning views. After some minor teething issues Matt drove up next to us with a huge smile on his face. After lots of virtual chatting, we finally got to meet in person. We all got introduced and followed him to find Dan, our Fern Photographer for the evening. After getting our “hiking” gear together we blindly followed Dan up into the hills; which turned out to be not that far, which was great as David and I haven’t exercised properly in too long! Dan made us both feel relaxed. This was priceless as I was stressed as I wanted David to enjoy himself; he didn’t really want these pictures taken at all! Poor Dan had an uphill battle but won David over quickly as he is just so chilled and you can really feel his passion for his art. We knew we were in good hands.

Got The Love Bug At Glencoe - Glencoe

Dan’s energy and Matt’s humour

David and I pranced about for a bit, laughing and joking, with Dan snapping happy and Matt filming us (first video trial – we are proud!) for a new project. As the evening was closing in, the midges were awakening from their slumber. At first, this was alright so we’ll leave it at that… for now. Dan’s energy was incredible. At one point he ran, yes ran, up a hill to check it was definitely the right spot. Matt’s sense of humour was hilarious – flashback to his foot getting stuck in the mud!

Got The Love Bug At Glencoe - Glencoe

Fern Photography’s creativity and professionalism

As the sky turned beautiful shades of pink and orange it was time for some more intimate shots. By this point, David and I were pros (obviously) and knew exactly Dan’s vision for each shot. We got through a couple more locations; having to change them fairly frequently to utilise that initial minute before being covered in black insects! But still, more to come on that.

Dan is the man with the vision; his instructions to us were clear (sometimes using Matt to demonstrate) and encouraging. I felt comfortable (well not entirely but more on that…) and confident in Dan and Matt’s creativity and skills.

Got The Love Bug At Glencoe - Glencoe

Fern Photography’s knowledge and enthusiasm

Before departing Dan and Matt made sure all our questions were answered. You can tell they have been running Fern for years as they know a lot. They even gave us advice on where to visit on our next trip. It’s the little details like this that make their company the best in my opinion. They genuinely want to take fantastic images but also they want you to be happy. After speaking to both Matt and Dan I always feel upbeat and energised. Truly lovely human beings. Bring on the wedding!

Expect the unexpected

Technology was the culprit in our initial delays. Just a casual warning that Glencoe is in the Scottish highlands. Don’t assume, like we did, that there will be phone signal or internet. I wouldn’t say it’s a massively remote location (plenty of tourists/locals visit annually) however, technology definitely shouldn’t be relied upon! Or rather O2 shouldn’t as Vodafone was working fine.

Got The Love Bug At Glencoe - Glencoe

Take Fern’s advice about good times to visit locations

Hire Fern Photography if you want to enjoy even the toughest/craziest of situations. We can finally talk about THE MIDGES. The uncomfortable realisation that every time you stopped for more than a second you’re being bitten. And of course Dan and Matt too. They kept our spirits up, remained calm, and promised our pictures would still be great whilst I was looking down at my arm full of little legs! Things go wrong at weddings and it’s reassuring to know that with Dan and Matt our day will be stress-free regardless of any unplanned situations. N.B. I am writing this before seeing our edited images. David and I are very excited to see what came from all the arm wafting and critter carnage.

Update: the finished result – THE BIGGEST POSITIVE

Advice for Glencoe in August; maybe keep to the city… but then again look at our pictures!

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