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Kirsty + Tam – An Oxenfoord Castle Wedding

Kirsty and Tam’s flat was in a converted chocolate factory. From the very beginning this story was sweet.

On their wedding day the weather was pretty harsh. Windy, rainy and cold. Whatever, that’s Scotland and it’s certainly not a reason to complain. We had a fun day ahead and no amount of dreich weather was going to stop us. I’ll remember the morning with Kirsty probably forever. It was fun, and her bridesmaids were great to hangout with but the single most special moment came when Kirsty opened her letter from Tam. It was a card, with sweet words – and I can’t exaggerate this enough – THE VERY MOST ROMANTIC THING EVER! Tam had saved the receipt from their first date and placed it in the card saying “I kept this receipt from our lunch as a memento of the best date ever.” Real life really is better than anything Hollywood could come up with.

There were a lot of other sweet things about this wedding, like the 1000 paper cranes they made for their ceremony; the fact there was a power cut at the very moment they started their first dance so they danced to the a capella singing from the band; and the wollen mouse cheese round topper but seriously – keeping a receipt for 6 years because you knew you would marry that girl… Amazing.