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Liexu + Long – A Ubiquitous Chip Wedding

There’s one thing I’ll never forget about Liexu and Long. Their genuine hospitality and friendliness.

When they got in touch with us their wedding day was quite near. We like to get to know people before we photograph their wedding so I arranged to meet them in Glasgow for a walk around their wedding venue and a chat. It was a really nice day and after seeing the chapel they said that they were meeting Liexu’s parents for a meal and would I like to join them. I said yes. The next few hours we ate shared food, told stories and genuinely got to know each other. Liexu’s parents didn’t speak English so Long and Liexu translated for me as we conversed. I found out that he had been learning English so that he could read his speech in English to the wedding guests. It was clear he was proud and happy for Liexu and Long to get married and from that meal I knew just how great their wedding would be.