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Louise + Danny – A Cruin Wedding

I met Louise and Danny over Skype. They were planning their Scottish wedding from the Netherlands. Planning a wedding is complicated, planning a wedding in a different country is much more so. Within the first few minutes of chatting to them both I knew immediately that I wanted to be there. Their ideas of combining Scottish and Dutch cultures into a fantastically fun day at the Cruin sounded like a great day to be a part of.

The morning

The Cruin offers couples the chance to prepare for their wedding on site. Louise had the penthouse suite in the castle next to the Cruin, Danny was in one of the lodges nearby.

I spent the main part of the morning with Louise as she and her bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done in the luxurious rooms of the penthouse. It was a relaxed and playful morning punctuated by bursts of joy about the fast approaching ceremony. While taking pictures I’d occasionally look out a window and across the loch to the mountains and bright blue sky. I was excited too.

I got the phone call that Danny was ready for me to come up. I jogged over to his lodge and photographed him and his best man as they got in their impressively tailored suits and attempted to create a Windsor knot for that classic tie look. Youtube was heavily involved in the process.

Louise + Danny - A Cruin Wedding - Cruin Wedding

Thirty minutes later I was back with Louise. She was ready to go down to the ceremony. The weather was warm and bright and excitement now hung in the air like ripe apples in autumn. I ran down the path to the edge of the Cruin’s ceremony area and looked out at all the guests sitting outside then Louise arrived. So did the rain, quite literally out of the blue!

Louise + Danny - A Cruin Wedding - Cruin Wedding

This is where the Cruin’s excellent staff kicked into high gear. They rushed Louise into an out of the way part of the venue so no one would see her and within ten minutes they had re-set the ceremony from outside to indoors. It was a fantastic turn around.

The Ceremony

Now that we were indoors and the guests were seated the ceremony started. Louise walked in, Danny beamed and over the next thirty minutes I photographed two people very much in love. There were some really nice touches to their ceremony too. I especially like the symbolism of the Scottish tradition of drinking from a Quaich, which Louise and Danny did.

The rain stopped almost exactly at the same time as the ceremony. That meant we could all go outside and enjoy the return of the sun, made so much more wonderful with glasses of Prosecco and tasty, tasty canap├ęs.


After spending time with their guests we took full advantage of the stunning views the Cruin offers. This is one of the jewels of the venue. Beach fronted, with a jetty out into the loch and a backdrop of the Trossach mountains it has everything you need. I never like to settle for a standard portrait and as wonderful as the view is I always want to put my spin on the image too. When I’m at the Cruin I can’t resist getting into the loch, swimming out and taking a portrait from the water level. It just looks so spectacular from that angle. The guests always get a kick out of me jumping in too.

After the reception we all moved into the dining hall. Another one of the Cruin’s wonderful spaces. The speeches were honest, heartfelt and hilarious too. The speeches are one of those moments that really shows how much the couple mean to the people around them. There were quite a few tears by the time the meal arrived.

The evening

This is my all-time favourite part of a wedding. Everyone is relaxed, the ties come off and the music puts people in a dancing mood. Louise and Danny’s evening was a riot of movement, laughter and even an impromptu re-enactment of the dirty dancing lift, between Danny and his best man. It was truly epic.

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