Photography Style and Integrity

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Fern Photography is run by Daniel Rannoch and Matthew Dale. We have been working photographers since 2008. Initially we were event and portrait photographers, and we decided to specialise in wedding photography in 2011. In 2016 we won the Scottish Wedding Awards Regional Best Scottish Wedding Photographers Award for our photography and customer service.

As professional photographers we want to create images that are full of life. Our aim is to tell people’s stories and show how much fun the world can be.

We label ourselves as natural wedding photographers. We photograph your wedding with the aim of telling its story as an impartial observer. The images that we create are an honest yet sentimental narrative of the events of the day.

We don’t try to be invisible, we are more like guests with a professional eye for images. We are happy to chat to people while we work. This allows us to learn about the people at your wedding. It improves the final photographs a great deal.

We usually work in colour and use black and white sparingly. When taking photographs we tend to favour natural light over flash.

We use a delicate touch in processing images. We feel that the truth (and beauty) of the day gets lost in fashion magazine style processing. This doesn’t mean that we don’t process images, just that what we do isn’t conspicuous. We aim to maintain the integrity of the image without manipulation or misrepresentation.

It is important to us that your wedding day is yours. We don’t intentionally seek to alter or influence events. We photograph in the moment, a result of our instincts and our experience.

Louise & Bryan – A Carberry Tower Wedding

Fern Customer Charter

As wedding service professionals we strongly believe in operating a business that is inclusive, open and transparent. We would like this charter to publicly state how we do business and how we manage our customer interactions so that we can hold ourselves accountable for our actions. This is a living document and will continue to develop along with our business.

Price and selling

We are always upfront and open about our price. We are happy to share how much we charge with other wedding service professionals too. We will always charge for our service and products based on time spent working, material costs, travel and distribution. We are against profiteering; we prefer that you pay for something that you want because you want it, not because you have been coerced into getting it.

Our price is competitive and reflects the level of service and the time we dedicate to each job. However, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have professional photographs at their wedding regardless of income; we will entertain barter as a form of payment where possible.

Treat couples as people

We are a progressive and inclusive company. We believe everyone deserves the right to celebrate their relationship however they choose and with whomever they choose; we will always photograph that celebration with respect and understanding.

We don’t make our decisions to photograph or present our work based on gender, creed, culture, race, sexual orientation or physicality. We believe in the importance of focusing on both (or sometimes more than both) people in the relationship as well as the community that attends the celebration in our work rather than the traditional image the industry currently promotes. We chose to celebrate difference and individuality and we promote realistic body images in the work we produce.

Other photographers

We believe in giving new photographers the opportunity to learn from us in a safe and supportive environment and will always pay those we are training the living wage for the work they undertake.

We respect the choices other photographers make in style and presentation of their work and will always be professional when talking about our colleagues.

Other services

We want to provide as much support and community spirit to other service professionals as we can. Whilst respecting the privacy of our couples we will always be willing to supply images to other services in exchange for reciprocated gestures.

The environment

We want to take care of the environment and will do our best to be as green as we can. We endeavour to operate a paperless office, use low power equipment and green energy suppliers. Where possible and practical we will also travel in the greenest way we can such as car-sharing to jobs.