What glorious weather

It was mid-day. There was barely a cloud in the sky and as I arrived at the Dalmahoy Hotel I knew it would be a fantastically fun day with Charlotte and Tom. We hadn’t seen each other for over a year but I could still remember the excitement that Charlotte had when she talked about their wedding when we first met. It was more exciting that we were now so close to the big day.

We would be doing the pre-wedding portraits that afternoon but as eager as I was to get my camera out of my bag I knew there was a much more important job to do.

When they arrived I met them in the lounge for a chat. Beautiful portraits can only come when the photographer really knows the people they are photographing. We sat down for about half an hour and talked about their wedding and what they’d been up to since we last met. It was great to catch up with them and after the blether we were ready for photos.