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Rosie + Shrin – An Errol Park Wedding

Rosie and Shirin’s wedding was one of those days were every single moment was beautiful, joyful and energetic. Just like them.

Errol park is an incredible place for a wedding with its grand mansion house and stunning grounds in the estate. It really demands “epic” from weddings that it hosts.

And, epic is exactly how this wedding went. Stand-out highlights were

  • Awesome onesies in the morning
  • Quaich ceremony using tequila, salt and lime
  • Shirin’s brother’s speech, which was an improvised rap/poem
  • Rosie playing out the second song, Sex on Fire, on the drums
  • Seeing people walking around wearing gorilla hands, cupcake hats, a rubber pig mask and one child dressed head to toe as Goofy (on a tricycle)

There was so much more to this wedding, the emotions and love for the couple were clear on everyone’s faces, but the best way to find out is to watch this slideshow. Enjoy!