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Sarah + Jamie – An Oxenfoord Castle Wedding

It had been raining for a few weeks before Sarah and Jamie’s Oxenfoord Castle wedding. There were lots of crossed fingers since they had planned a very summery experience for their guests after the ceremony.

It looks like crossing fingers works because I arrived on a perfectly warm, dry morning which got better and better as the day went on, and not just because of the weather. Photographing this wedding was the perfect example of chilled, relaxed and charming. Just like the couple.

Oxenfoord Castle is a beautiful place for a wedding. Not far from Edinburgh it has all the grandeur one would expect from a castle location but a very homely feel too. It’s set within some very beautiful scenery and with its grand ballroom and large library it has the perfect spaces for a wedding. Sarah and Jamie’s plans used the space perfectly.

I particularly remember how nice their guests were too. And energetic. I think it’s fair to say Sarah and Jamie were surrounded by people who love them a lot. They have a wonderful community of family and friends and it was special to be included within it.

The speeches were some of the most enjoyable I’ve heard this year. Genuine and humourous. The room was in a constant state of laughter and this carried on through to the dancing in the evening.

A day of wedding photography can be long and difficult work but when you are part of a day like this its the best job in the world. By the evening the band were in full swing, the dance floor was heaving and everyone was having the time of their life. I just soaked it all in, clicking the shutter to expressions of happiness and joy as the guests danced into the night.