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Sofie + Oliver – A Dunglass Estate Wedding

Sensational style in a country manor wedding

It was a gorgeous September morning as we drove up the long road to the mansion house at Dunglass Estate. We’ve photographed here often and every single time it’s brilliant.

Matt went with Oliver and the guys to photograph them getting ready in the cottages near the big house while I spent the morning with Sophie and the girls. It was pretty chill while the make-up and hair were getting done. So chill in fact that we broke to raid the fridge for snacks.

Before Sophie got into her dress we took ten minutes to have a glass of Prosecco and a chat. This relaxed morning was a sign of exactly how the rest of the day would go.

The guests arrived, took their seats and waited for Sophie to make her way to the romantic stone chapel. Still, there was no tension about the occasion, just smiles and laughs. Exactly how a wedding should feel.

One of the nice things about Dunglass estate is how fun the end of the ceremony can be. The stone chapel’s layout makes it easy for the guests to leave and line up outside to welcome the newly married couple with a shower of confetti. I kind of wish every time I left my house confetti fell down on me. That would be the life!

After the ceremony

The afternoon progressed. In the sunshine Sophie, Oliver and their guests enjoyed the autumnal warm weather while drinking eating and chatting away. Matt and I moved around and among the guests capturing everything that was happening. Slowly, clouds started to cover the sky, giving everyone a break from the sun, but not the warmth. It was starting to feel like a movie style endless summer.

Speeches were given, tears were shed. It was kind of emotional at times. We shoot through the blurry viewfinder in these moments. We try to avoid impacting on the wedding but we’re not detached. It’s important to feel each moment then capture it. That’s where the magic lives.

After some dancing in the evening we gathered outside in the dark for a sparkler shot. A nice way to end a great day.