Errol Park Estate

Errol Park is a beautiful venue in Perthshire. Built in 1747 it is a vast estate with a grand mansion house, beautiful grounds and some unique out buildings. Having a wedding here is a statement of intent: on this day we will have an unforgettable day for everyone.

Why do we love Errol Park?
There are so many reasons why Errol Park is a dream location for us as wedding photographers. Let’s start with the house.

The mansion house
The mansion house is still a family home. Even though it is grand old dame of a building with sweeping staircases, giant portraits and huge banqueting tables, as well as beautiful period style rooms, it still feels cosy and comforting. There are so many interesting details in everywhere, these details become complimentary backgrounds to photographs we take in the rooms.

The light is incredible here. As photographers we’re slaves to light quality and Errol Park has some of the best indoor light we’ve ever photographed a wedding in. The large windows and the colours of the interiors of the house mean that people look gorgeous in photographs without the need for any artificial lighting. Who wouldn’t want to have their wedding prep photos taken in a place that offers warm, glowing skin tones effortlessly?

The rest of the house is just as incredible. We particularly love the large kitchen with its Aga and farmhouse styling. It’s a wonderful place for people to congregate in the morning before the ceremony

As if the interiors of Errol Park weren’t enough, the outside is just as impressive. The huge estate has areas for ceremonies, portraits, cocktail hour and general mingling. It’s hard to claim that any one location is ”the perfect wedding venue”, but If there were a league table for venues perfect for weddings and wedding photographers then Errol Park would be at the top of that list in Scotland

Of course, the evening is just as important as the daytime at weddings. The courtyard and old stables are where the meal and dancing take place. Again, Errol Park offers some unique spaces for weddings and they are perfect for photographers. Light, interesting architecture and ample space. Everything we need to make great images.