Timeline of a wedding photographer

We thought it might be helpful to show a timeline from when a couple asks us to be their wedding photographer to the moment we deliver their wedding images. It’s interesting to see how things start off quite slowly and how those timescales compress as we near the big day.

As you will see, there’s quite a lot of work involved in just one wedding. We do about 60 a year and that’s no problem at all. We’re a well oiled machine, we have developed the way we work to be super efficient and, most importantly, we love what we do so we can’t wait to get it done!

Interesting facts

  • We typically get hired almost a year before a wedding.
  • On average there are nearly 400 days between getting hired and delivering the final set of images with another year after that before a standard wedding gallery expires. That means you’ll have a connection to us for over 2 years!
  • There’s about 60 hours of work for each wedding from preparing for the wedding to delivering the full set of images. Our typical wedding year consist of 3600 hours of work directly on weddings.
  • We’ll deliver over 30,000 wedding images a year to couples.


You found your photographer

353 days until the wedding –  You’ve finished searching for your photographer.


On average we get hired 353 days before a wedding. That means we have just under a year to make the perfect plans.

Catch up

201 days until the wedding – WOW, that went fast!


Since we’re hired so early in the planning there’s usually a good few months of radio silence at the start. Don’t worry though. We haven’t forgotten about you. 6 months before your wedding we’ll get in touch to see how you’re both doing and see how your plans are coming along.

Pre-wedding session

84 days until the wedding – It’s time to for the pre-wedding session.


This is an opportunity for us all to get to know each other better as well as practice together for the wedding photos. We’ll make this a fun experience and you will love the images from the session. This is also an opportunity to find out how your wedding plans are coming along.

Engagement portrait at sunset

Wedding day timeline

28 days until the wedding –

We’ll be in touch a month before your wedding to finalise your timeline with you. We’ll discuss what the best opportunities for photography are within that timeline and identify any problems that might impact on the photography so we can avoid them.

Equipment check

7 days until the wedding –

A week before the wedding we do an equipment check. This means


  • Charging batteries
  • Inspecting cameras and lenses for wear
  • Replacing lost or damaged equipment
  • Making space on our cards and hard drives for your wedding images


In truth, we’re constantly doing health checks on our gear so it’s rare to discover a problem during these inspections but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If any problems with our equipment are discovered at this point then we have plenty of time to sort out replacements before your wedding.

Pack our bags

2 days until the wedding –

We pack our gear for your wedding a couple of days before the big day. That way we know we’re ready to go and everything is where it should be.

Wedding day

0 days until the wedding –

It’s here. We’re as excited as you are and we can’t wait to create the wedding story.

Wedding portrait at the old fruitmarket in Glasgow

The day after

1 day after the wedding –

We double check all the images are safe on our computers and our back-up drives. They’re ready to be edited.

Wedding highlight delivered

7 days after the wedding –

The wedding highlight has been delivered to you on your online gallery. Up to 100 images, fully edited and ready to share with friends and family.

Wedding images delivered

42 days after the wedding – Your full wedding gallery is delivered.


You will have access to your images online for a year from the day we deliver your images.