We think long and hard about how to tell the story of your wedding. It’s one of the most difficult parts of our job, but one of the most rewarding too. Curation is part of our skill as wedding photographers and it is something that we have spent a lot of time learning to apply to wedding albums.

Your Wedding Album – Our Design

Our approach to the design of your wedding album focuses on story and simplicity. We use white space in layouts to frame images and textures, and colours of the cover and pages to complement the theme of your wedding. We could wax lyrical all day about how great they are but you really have to see one to understand how different digital and print images can be.

What can you get

We offer a range of album sizes for you, your friends and family. There are choices for every part of the album, from cover materials to paper types. We help guide you through those choices to give you a personalised wedding album you will cherish. Parents and friends can get duplicates of your album so they can enjoy the memories of your wedding too.

We specialise in bespoke layouts for your wedding album and offer fine art, archival quality paper to ensure that the images will last a lifetime. Your album can be protected in a presentation box or sleeve to ensure that the beautiful cover material never gets marked.

We create the photos that you love, and we craft the story around them.