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Wedding Photography Scotland - Wedding Photography

Crafting wedding stories since 2011

Creating beautiful wedding images comes from experience, planning and a strong relationship with your photographer. It’s a journey we take together.

Wedding Photography Scotland - Wedding Photography


We offer an hourly rate for weddings. It makes things really simple!

£175 per hour.

Wedding Photography Scotland - Wedding Photography

How many hours do you need?

Typically: An elopement or civil ceremony is 2-4hrs, A full day wedding is between 8-10 hrs

There’s loads more information on our FAQ


…as well as packages with discounts on essential services


10hrs photography, additional photographer & a pre-wedding session



10hrs photography, video & a pre-wedding session



We love to travel but we’re very aware of the environmental cost. We’re committed to making sure that what we do has as little negative impact to the planet as possible. A wedding shouldn’t cost the earth, figuratively speaking.

When we travel to weddings we’ve committed to offsetting the carbon cost of our journeys. We use Climate Care to calculate the cost of our carbon emissions and we donate that money to good causes worldwide.

Climate Care helps deliver positive outcomes for people around the world. These projects support some of the most positive and impactful sustainable development projects on the planet. We’re happy and enthusiastic to support Climate Care’s mission and make sure that our travelling has a positive outcome for everyone.


This is how things work from the moment you get in touch with us to the point where we hand over your wedding images. It highlights the work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that your photographs will be perfect memories of your wedding.


Thinking of getting in contact with us? We know you’ll be doing the same with lots of photographers all at once asking about availability and pricing. We don’t want this to be an anxious time waiting for a response so we aim to respond on the same day. That said there are times in the year, particularly from the end of spring to the end of autumn, that responding so quickly is difficult. Even at our busiest times we always aim to respond within 48 hrs. We’ll usually respond to you by SMS or WhatsApp initially. We’ve found emails to be unreliable.


When we first reply we look to arrange a call (or in person if you prefer) with you both. This call is really important because it gives us all a chance to meet and get to know each other. It also helps us learn more about your wedding plans (whichever stage you are at) and how photography fits within them. A lot of what we do throughout planning for the wedding is about building a relationship with you both. It’s so important that we all get along and fit well with each other. A great relationship with your photographer is the foundation of great wedding images.

After the call, we’ll send out a quote for what we think will offer the best experience for your wedding. The booking process is pretty simple. The whole thing is done online, including signing the contract, so there’s no back and forth with paperwork. We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total wedding photography price to secure our services. If you are postponing your wedding date we can do this for no extra charge. Find out more about postponing here.


Once you are our clients we make ourselves available pretty much 7 days a week for any questions you may have. We’re experienced photographers with 500+ weddings under our belts so we’re a valuable resource for helping you plan all parts of your wedding in addition to the photography.We have a series of emails that will be sent to you on the lead up to the wedding, some of them are checking in to see how you are both doing, some are asking for information or setting dates for meetings or sessions. All of them are an important part of our preparations for your wedding.


The pre-wedding session is included in our standard packages. It helps us all get to know each other to make your wedding day run smoothly. It also helps you see how we achieve natural portraits at weddings. The ones where it looks like the photographer caught a private moment between the couple, rather than a more formal, staged portrait. 

The pre-wedding session is fun, our couples always say they enjoy the experience and the great benefit of the session is that you both will be much more relaxed on your wedding day.


One of the most important bits of information we need is the timeline of the day. This is so we can make a comprehensive plan for photographing the wedding, ensuring that we capture everything that is important. We do this for every wedding because no wedding is exactly the same.

With this plan, we can personalise our images to what will be most meaningful to the couple. It’s more work for us to photograph in this way but it means we guarantee the images will feel like personal memories rather than a photographer’s interpretation of the day.

One of the things we ask on this list is which formal family portraits we need to take. We’ll work with you on this list so that it has little impact on your wedding day and we’ll try to make sure that the group portraits are as fun and lively as possible. As an example, at a 100 guest wedding, we set aside 45 minutes for 7-10 different groups to be photographed. We find this gives everyone enough time to find your flower girl playing hide and seek or maybe to search for the best man at the bar.


We will have planned the wedding photography beforehand so that there’s nothing to worry about on the day. Everything we’ve done together before the wedding day will have made this bit really easy and extra fun!

A standard day for us is arriving between 10 and 11 am to start capturing the wedding preparations. We’ll photograph non stop until about 6 pm, the end of the speeches and the start of dinner. That’s when we’ll take a break, get some food and load all the photos to that point on to a hard drive. After dinner, we’ll be back with our cameras until around 10 pm when we will pack up and head home.

And for extra peace of mind…

After we finish photographing in the evening we copy the rest of the images to the hard drive too. When we get back home, no matter what time it is, we add these images to our cloud service. They are now backed up in 3 locations on 4 devices. They’re very, very safe.


Within the week we’ll give you a set of processed photos to share with your friends and family. Delivering the final set of photos takes between four to six weeks. Once you have your photos we can start designing your wedding album.