Wedding Album Materials

The materials in this document are available for both the Contemporary, Journal and Vintage albums.

In addition to these materials it is also possible to have customised artwork for your album to make it truly unique to you both.

We look forward to creating your wedding story in print!

Standard Materials

Brilliant linen is a highly resistant waxed fabric with a lustrous finish. Matte linen is the same material with a matte finish. Both are easy to clean materials.

Cloud leatherette Is a soft smooth surface with a similar feel to leather. It has a high wear resistance and is easy to clean.

Premium Materials

The following options come as a premium material upgrade.

Leather is the all natural material of choice. Because this is a natural material there will be small colour variations in the samples. An alternative natural option is cork. Soft and warm to the touch but less hardwearing than leather.

Maple effect material is 100% viscose from tree fibres with a maple wood grain finish and wood fibre is recycled wood fibres with a natural wood grain finish.

Customised Artwork

If you want to make your album truly unique then we can create customised artwork for your album and album box or sleeve*.

From line drawings to vector art all the way up to digitised watercolour images. We can add this personal touch to your album to make it one of a kind.

Price for customised artwork is £150.

*sleeve only available with the Vintage album