Planning Your Wedding Photography Happens A Few Months Before Your Wedding


We can include a pre-wedding session for couples. This helps us all get used to working together and prevents any surprises on the wedding day. It also helps us build a picture of how we will achieve natural portraits of you both. The pre-wedding session is fun, our couples always say they enjoy the experience. The great benefit of the session is that you both will be much more relaxed on your wedding day.


Everyone who asks us to photograph their wedding wants natural, fun images but that doesn’t mean we avoid formal portraits. It’s entirely up to you. A month before the wedding we’ll ask for a list of the people and things that you want to be photographed on the day. We’ll work with you on this list so that it has little impact on your wedding day.


We’ve Planned The Wedding Photography With You So That There’s Nothing To Worry About On The Day

Everything we’ve done together before the wedding day will have made this bit really easy and extra fun! Just in case you’re still wondering if there’s anything else we could be doing to achieve perfection, well, there is…


If there are two of us we use discreet communication tools to keep in contact with each other on the day. This way we don’t miss any special moments or get in each other’s way.  We also have an electronic checklist that synchronises with each other’s phone. We check items off the list as we complete them on the day.


We start the day with you around 10am and finish around 10pm. During the wedding breakfast we gather all the photos taken to that point and copy them to a hard drive. After we finish photographing in the evening we copy the rest of the images to the hard drive too. When we get back home, no matter what time it is, we add these images to our cloud service. They are now backed up in 3 locations on 4 devices. They’re very, very safe.


We Still Have A Lot To Do After The Wedding. Natural Wedding Photography Takes Time.

Within the week we’ll give you a set of processed photos to share with your friends and family. Delivering the final set of photos takes between four to six weeks. Once you have your photos we can start designing your wedding album. When you choose to have natural photography it’s a great style to show off in an album so make sure you talk to us about them when you meet us.