Wedding Photography
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We’re Edinburgh based wedding photographers and we love our job!

What’s so great about it? We love people, we love celebrations and we love photography. Weddings are simply the best of all those things and being a part of the day is a real honour. We’re all about the wedding photography! We practise a natural wedding photography style, in our opinion they are the images that best capture the emotions of a wedding day so that is what we offer all our clients.

When we are at your wedding we don’t hide whilst taking pictures, we blend in, like a friend. We dress like guests, chat to guests and act like guests. We fit right in with the day so that we can move around the room and photograph your friends and family like they were our friends and family.

Analogy alert! If wedding photography was a burrito then understanding people is the filling, our personalities are the wrap and all the love in the room is the hot sauce!

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Preparing for success

Over the years we’ve spent being wedding photographers we have experienced many different styles of wedding and have learned to photograph each of them to be unique to the couple getting married. We dislike using a template approach to such personal occasions so we enter each wedding with enthusiasm, an open mind and freshly pressed kilts at the ready. Yes, we wear kilts to photograph weddings, there’s nothing better in our minds.

We take pride in our preparations. We are so eager to photograph couples that we include a pre-wedding session as standard for all wedding packages. This session allows you and us to have a portrait session before the wedding. The portrait session is particularly important when it comes to building a relationship between us and prepares us all for photography on the day.

Finally, when the day arrives you’ll be relaxed to know that two well prepared, easy-going, professional photographers will be with you throughout the day to capture the images you will love for years to come.

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Before the wedding

Planning your wedding photography starts a few months before your wedding when we arrange the venue visit.

About three months before your wedding we’ll arrange a visit to your wedding venue. This is an opportunity for us to get an understanding of how to approach the wedding photography, and how to achieve fantastic images on the wedding day.

Venue visit

During the venue visit we look for ways to manage the photography, particularly in bad weather. Natural wedding photography, that is both the portraits and the fun and laughter, is all about getting to know the location and your plans, finding ways to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We aren’t passive photographers, hoping something will happen in front of our cameras. We get the great images by being in the right place at the right time because we planned to be there.

Pre-wedding session

We always try to include a pre-wedding session for couples. This helps us all get used to working together and prevents any surprises on the wedding day. It also helps us build a picture of how we will achieve natural portraits of you both. The pre-wedding session is fun, our couples always say they enjoy the experience. The great benefit of the session is that you both will be much more relaxed on your wedding day.

Everyone who asks us to photograph their wedding wants natural, fun images but that doesn’t mean we avoid formal portraits. It’s entirely up to you. A month before the wedding we’ll ask for a list of the people and things that you wanted photographed on the day. We’ll work with you on this list so that it has as little impact on your wedding day as possible.

The wedding day

We’ve planned the wedding photography with you so that on your wedding day there’s nothing to worry about.

Everything we’ve done together before the wedding day will have made this bit really easy and extra fun! Just in case you’re still wondering if there’s anything else we could be doing to achieve perfection, well, there is…

Technology enhancing the service

We use discreet communication tools to keep in contact with each other on the day. This way we don’t miss any special moments or get in each other’s way.  We also have an electronic checklist that synchronises with each other’s phone. We check items off the list as we complete them on the day. We also carry a paper copy, just in case!


We start the day with you around 10am and finish around 10pm. During the wedding breakfast we gather all the photos taken to that point and copy them to two hard drives. After we finish photographing in the evening we copy the rest of the images to the hard drives too. When we get back home, no matter what time it is, we add these images to our cloud service. They are now backed up in 3 locations on 5 devices. They’re very, very safe.

After the wedding

We still have a bit of work to do after the wedding day, natural wedding photography takes time.

The next day we will give you a set of processed photos to share among your friends and family. This is usually one or two portraits and the rest are natural wedding photos of the day. Delivering the final set of photos take between four to six weeks. Once you have your photos we can start designing your wedding album. When you chose to have natural photography it’s a great style to show off in an album so make sure you talk to us about them when you meet us.