Our wedding isn’t in Scotland. Is this a problem?

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    This question is easily answered with 

    “no problem at all. “

    Scotland is a big place. For context, from Edinburgh it takes almost as long to travel to Wick in the north of Scotland as it does to travel to London.

    Some of the non-Scottish weddings we’ve coveredhave been in Cumbria, Bedfordshire, London, Warminster…then further afield to Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Canada.

    In fact, we can’t wait to find out where you are planning to get married. Adventures are a close second favourite of ours (behind weddings of course!)

    Now we’ve got you excited, let’s keep it up because you’re probably thinking about the price. Are we right? And it will cost you not very much. Yay! We charge 45p per mile from Edinburgh if we can drive to your wedding. If we need to take a train, boat or plane then we charge the cost of the tickets. If the trip from Edinburgh is longer than 2 hours 30 mins then we may also need a hotel room. We try to book a budget hotel, such as a premiere inn or equivalent. We’re not precious about where we sleep, but we do need 24hr access.

    • There can be travel charges when pre-wedding sessions take place outside Scotland so why not make your pre-wedding session an adventure session with us up here? A city break or a wild walk in the highlands, celebrate your engagement with some incredible memories captured on camera.