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Our wedding isn’t in Scotland. Is this a problem?

    Our wedding isn’t in Scotland. Is this a problem?

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    Our Wedding Isn’t In Scotland. Is This A Problem? - Our Wedding Isn'T In Scotland

    This question is easily answered with 

    “no problem at all. “

    Scotland is a big place. For context, from Edinburgh it takes almost as long to travel to Wick in the north of Scotland as it does to travel to London.

    We’ve been to some very far-away weddings. Europe is common but we’ve been as far as Canada to photograph a wedding. In fact, we can’t wait to find out where you are planning to get married. Adventures are a close second favourite of ours (behind weddings of course!)

    How much?

    You’re probably thinking about how much travel costs are, right? Typically we’ll only charge for weddings in mainland Scotland that match any of the following:

    • More than 80 miles from Edinburgh
    • More than two and a half hours travel each way
    • More than 10 hours of photography

    For these weddings we’ll charge an extra £150.

    For weddings outside mainland Scotland we will charge for the cost of transport (petrol / rental for cars; bus, plane or train tickets) and accommodation.


    Weddings within mainland Scotland – Mainly it’s because it’s a health and safety situation. Photographing a wedding is mentally and physically demanding. Driving long distances, at night after working more than 10 hours straight is dangerous. If we take public transport for those distances then we are often stranded at night when transport stops before we’ve finished the job. We charge to offset some of the extra cost for making the journey and we’ll book a hotel room nearby so that we have somewhere local to rest after the wedding. We aim to book a budget hotel, such as a premiere inn or equivalent. We’re not precious about where we sleep, but we do need 24hr access.

    Weddings outwith mainland Scotland – it’s because it costs a lot more money to do the job. We’ll keep the costs as low as we can but we do need to charge for these weddings.

    There can be travel charges for pre-wedding sessions more than 80 miles from Edinburgh too, if you are having a session that’s not on our list. It’s an extra £50. The list is there, among other reasons, to help us know how much we’re likely to spend as a business and since fuel costs are continuing to increase we have to account for that when we are going to places off-list.