We want a sparkler shot

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    Want to add some sparklers to your wedding?

    These shots have to happen when it’s dark. In Scotland it’s fairly difficult to do them before 11pm between mid may and mid August.

    We’ve learned that the best way to do this is test out your sparklers before the wedding so that you know how long they take to light. In our experience they can take quite some time, especially after people have had a few drinks.

    Another consideration is letting some or most of your guests know you are going to do this on the day. We’re pretty fantastic at adapting to situations on a second’s notice but photographing sparklers at night requires some specific camera settings and predictable events to occur and if all your guests immediately light their sparklers as soon as they get them (this happens a lot) they will often be gone out before the shot can be taken.

    You may also want to check with your venue if they are allowed.

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