5 Places to Photograph in Edinburgh
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5 Places to Do A Wedding Shoot In Edinburgh

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    Wedding photos are more than just a physical representation of a single moment in time. In fact, if you think about it, they are arguably one of the strongest links we have to the generations in the future and the past. Have you ever looked at your grandparents in their wedding photos and thought how beautiful and young they looked? Or admired how much fashion has changed and loved seeing a glimpse of a time before your own? Or, in some cases, your wedding photos can remind you of someone you have lost, that you can no longer see whenever you want to. These things are the true power of wedding photography. 

    So, when thinking about the photography portion of your wedding there are 2 things you should put a lot of thought into. 

    1. You should hire a professional photographer. It may seem like a good idea to save money by hiring an amateur photographer, but there is no guarantee that the end product will be worth showing your grandchildren. 
    2. Find a good location to do the wedding shoot. You should take your photographer’s opinions into consideration because they have professional experience that shouldn’t be dismissed. However, it is always good to have a basic idea of what you want them to look like, or where you want them to be taken. 

    So, when discussing possible locations with your photographer, here are 5 beautiful places to do a shoot in Edinburgh on your big day. 

    Edinburgh Castle

    Because of its rich history, Edinburgh is one of those places that can be described as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ which makes it a great place for wedding photos. It has seen many momentous and historical moments in the past, and parts of it are currently being used for military purposes. In order to be permitted to take wedding photos here you may be required to have the wedding on the premises. Which, really, is not much of a hardship considering how beautiful it is with its time-worn stones, mediaeval history and feel and the breathtaking views of Edinburgh that can be immortalised in each and every photo.

    Princes Street Gardens

    Nestled in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, there are 2 adjacent public parks. The Princes Street Gardens were created in the 1820’s, and run along the south side of Princes Street. They are a wonderful alternative to the more wild landscapes of Edinburgh, with their more manicured and formal spaces. Not only is it more structured in appearance, it is also easier to access in formal attire and offers a more urban setting for wedding photos that are just a short stroll away. 

    The Salisbury Crags

    When thinking of Scotland, oftentimes people think of the rugged beauty of the landscape. In a lot of ways it isn’t simply beautiful, but more of a striking beauty that gives you that wow factor. That is the perfect way to describe the Salisbury Crags. Standing 46-metres tall, the Salisbury Crags are a series of cliffs situated just east of Princes Street. The views from the top are breathtaking, and are the perfect place for any photos, but particularly wedding photos. 

    Circus Lane

    Circus Lane is a wonderful backdrop for wedding photography. The curving roads, with the old stone buildings create a feeling of surreal calm, albeit in such a central location. To top off this beauty, In the background, you can see the statuesque St. Stephen’s Cathedral. During the summer months the natural beauty of the plants and flowers contrast with the more urban structures to create the perfect combination for wedding photography. 

    Calton Hill

    Calton Hill is truly an iconic view point in Edinburgh. In fact, it is what many people envision when they think of this beautiful, storied Scottish city. From it you can see everything. There are so many different vantage points for photographs that it may even look like you travelled around the country rather than staying in one place. Just imagine the sun setting behind the castle in the distance from atop Calton Hill.   

    More of Edinburgh’s Amazing Locales

    This is just a small list of the amazing places that Edinburgh has to offer but there are so many more worth mentioning, and considering. Here is a bonus list of 5 additional places that might capture your attention. 

    • The Royal Mile – The Royal Mile travels from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. 
    • The Scott Monument – Dedicated to Sir Walter Scott, the Scott Monument sits above the Princes Street Gardens.
    • Victoria Street – This beautiful and colourful street curves around the Grassmarket up to the George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile.
    • The Vennel Steps – These steps are a passage between two buildings and are particularly photogenic at night under the street lamps. 
    • Dean Village – Located just a short walk from the city centre, Dean Village is the quintessential fairytale village. It has cobblestone streets, and beautiful old buildings. It looks like a place out of time in such a face paced world.

    Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular, is simply a beautiful, picturesque location. Like photographs of a wedding, it is a wonderful contrast of past and present all in one place. It is a magical mix of historical sites, stunning natural landscapes and urban settings that lends its enchantment to every photograph taken there. Edinburgh captures a truer sense of juxtaposition that is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate anywhere else. 

    So, regardless of where you choose to have your wedding photos taken, whether it is at the Castle, Calton Hill, or anything in between, make sure you work with a professional wedding photographer, like Fern Photography, that will listen to your ideas and help you choose the ideal place. We will make sure to listen to your ideas and offer suggestions that will be perfectly suited for you and your beautiful wedding. This is your day, we want to make sure it is picture perfect.