Elopements – an intimate way to get married

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    Elopement photography is a phrase that’s popping up more and more recently. Certainly, the landscape of wedding photography has changed a lot since 2019. Many people have had to redefine what their wedding will look like. Most couples have postponed their larger weddings to this year but an increasing number of couples have thrown caution to the wind and said… “We’re going to get married, even if it’s just the two of us!”

    We think that’s wonderful.

    An elopement or intimate wedding with a handful of guests isn’t what most people think of when they talk about weddings but just because it’s small doesn’t mean it will be any less of an amazing day. As wedding photographers, we love these small affairs just as much as the big weddings. In the end, they are all stories of love.

    We’ve been photographing elopements and intimate weddings here in Scotland for a few years now so we had the brilliant idea to gather those skills and that experience together into one fantastic elopement package – Fern style!

    Elopements – an intimate way to get married 1


    The most obvious reason for an elopement is that it’s simple and uncomplicated. It means that you can focus on what really matters to you both and plan an occasion that is perfect for you without being boxed in by the formalities of a more traditional set-up. You can explore what it means to get married, be married and how you want to celebrate that moment.

    To elope in Scotland you legally need a minimum of 5 people present, the celebrant, both of you and two witnesses. One of the wonderful things about Scotland is that there are no restrictions on where you can get married. A barn, a beach or the top of a mountain in the Highlands, all and more are possible.

    We’ve picked our favourite locations, our favourite celebrant and our favourite florist to create a wonderful elopement experience.


    engagement portrait

    Though elopements are smaller and often (but not always) simpler days, elopement photography isn’t very different from regular wedding photography. It’s still about telling the story.

    What is different for us is there’s more opportunity to focus on the intimacy between you both. Expressions and gestures are easier to catch as we often have more freedom to move around and explore the potential of an image.

    When it comes to celebrating the marriage with a portrait session, elopement photography in Scotland offers breathtaking scenery. There are so many wonderful places to get married here and with an elopement, there is the chance to get adventurous with that session too.


    A wedding portrait at night in a treehouse 

    If you’re considering eloping in Scotland we’re excited to hear from you. Tell us about your plans and we promise you we’ll go above and beyond to make it special.


    For an all-inclusive elopement where we plan and photograph your day the price starts at £1000

    This includes:

    – Finding the perfect location for your ceremony.

    – Arranging for your celebrant to conduct your ceremony.

    – Arranging for your florist to create a wonderful bouquet and button hole.

    We also partner with Riddles Court for indoor and urban elopements.

    Elopement photography takes just as much dedication to the art of image-making as a larger wedding. It’s more about how we reframe our attention to be wholly on you both and the location you choose to be married in.

    There’s an art to being discreet too. If there are only a few people at an elopement, we make sure we don’t impose ourselves on the ceremony trying to get the right shot. We find a balance so that beautifully crafted images of this very special moment are remembered because we were unimposing while taking those photographs.

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