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How long do we need you for?

    How long do we need you for?

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    Depending on what type of wedding you are having there are a few recommendations to make sure you get the wedding photographs you want.

    Large weddings

    Wedding Ceremony In Fife.

    Most large weddings, here in Scotland, have a ceremony start time around 2 pm, dinner/speeches at 5 pm and everyone gets to the dance floor at about 8 pm. If you have a large wedding party you could be starting as early as 6-8 am, excitement should get you out of bed! We usually start 2-3 hrs before the ceremony to cover all the important morning preparations and to get some beautiful ‘getting ready’ shots. Our standard is to stay for the day and into the dancing in the evening. This would give you (and is our recommendation) our time for 10 hours.

    Small weddings

    Destination Wedding In Paris

    We understand that for small weddings 12 hrs of our faces might be a bit overkill.

    Generally speaking small weddings with less than 30 people tend to have a more sedate evening so there is often less need for us at that time. We’d recommend a minimum of 2 hrs if you are just wanting wedding ceremony and family portraits but ideally, if you are looking for more of a wedding story, we recommend a minimum of 4-6 hrs


    Wedding Portrait At Gretna Hall Hotel
    Winter wedding portrait at Gretna Hall Hotel, Dumfries and Galloway

    Elopements weddings can vary wildly between a cute registry office to a wild mountain-top and the time needed for elopements varies wildly too.

    2 hrs is the absolute minimum. The ceremony will usually last no longer that 20-30mins so the focus of the photography will be mainly you as a couple and the place you chose to marry in. In our experience for urban elopements we need up to 3 hrs and for sessions at beaches, on mountains or in the woods at least 4 hrs.

    Why the difference in times?

    Elopement In Edinburgh

    Urban elopements tend to be quick and access to places to take portraits is easy and fast. Planning for the portrait part of the session can be done online before the elopement so we know where we need to be and how long we need there before the day. Plus, external conditions in cities tends to be easier to manage (harsh lighting or bad weather is more manageable in a city). For that reason 2-3 hrs is perfect for an urban elopement.

    How Long Do We Need You For? - Weddings

    For wild elopements there is a lot more expected from your photographer as planning before the day can only go so far. Weather conditions and the general state of the land on that day have to be accounted for and are things we don’t know about until the actual day of the wedding. We need time before your ceremony so that we can scout out the perfect places for your portraits that matches the conditions of the day. We may also need to hike for a while to get to where you want to marry.

    If an elopement is happening somewhere like the Highlands of Scotland then the landscape is as much an important feature as you are as a couple. To get the most from the photographers there’s likely to be more moving about during the portrait session too. The last thing anyone wants is to be rushed about so it’s better to book more time than not enough.

    In a nutshell, wild elopements have a few extra things to manage compared to urban elopements but the effort and care from us is the same. We want to make the experience perfect and the images incredible for you.

    What if you need more time?

    If you hire us for only a few hours and you need more time? No problem. We want you to feel relaxed about the time we spend with you. If on the day you find you need us for longer you can extend the time at the cost of our hourly rate.