How many photographers do we need?

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At Fern Photography we approach weddings as creating a story of your day. Two photographers can allow the flexibility to be in two places at once. A good example of this is during the morning when you’re both getting ready.

During your ceremony we can limit our movement, avoiding being a distraction, whilst also allowing us to get the best variety of shots. At your reception we can concentrate on great portraits shots; also getting more relaxed candid images of your guests. Importantly having a second photographer gives us time for creative thought which leads to interesting and unique images.

Flexibility is definitely one of our strong points. Therefore having one photographer cover your wedding can be perfect; particularly if your wedding has a smaller guest list. It’s actually better, as having one photographer is less intrusive i.e. we can blend better into the background. The only compromise is we, unfortunately, haven’t worked out how to split ourselves in two yet. We’ll, therefore, need do to more planning to make sure your complete story is captured, as if there were two of us.

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