Tell me about pre-wedding sessions

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    Pre-wedding sessions are the thing we get the most questions about. So, what’s the point of a pre-wedding session and why do we recommend you get one? (They are included in our standard packages.)

    Pre-wedding sessions, more than anything, provide an opportunity to get to know each other. They usually last between 1 and 2 hours and during that time we learn to personalise our approach to taking portraits of you both.

    As most of us aren’t used to be being behind a lens for so long, it’s our job as photographers to ensure you’re comfortable and happy before your big day. The pre-wedding session helps us know how to create beautiful images of you both and for yourselves it means you get the portrait experience for us to answer your queries. One less thing to be worried about. What we learn together guarantees that the portraits on your wedding day are special and unique to you.

    Check out our page on advice to prepare for your pre-wedding session too!

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