We thought we’d take a look at some of the wedding travelling we’ve done this year. It’s been a busy one and the travel stats confirm it.

Furthest away wedding

The furthest we went was to Vancouver Island, Canada for Eric and Mandolyn’s farm in the forrest wedding

It was a long journey but totally worth it. Accommodation in a tree house and avoiding dangerous animals was par for the course and that was all before the wedding started!

The furthest anyone travelled to us for their wedding is 4991 miles, all the way from Arizona! Their elopement was fantastic fun and we were so glad they chose us to photograph their day.

The really nice thing about doing destination weddings is seeing how a wedding looks from another cultural viewpoint. There are many similarities, of course, but there are also so many differences in the approach to planning and having the wedding. It gives us an opportunity to look at the wedding photography we do back home with fresh eyes and a new perspective. 

Most visited wedding venue

Our most visited wedding was at the Cruin on the banks of Loch Lomond

Wedding portrait at The Cruin. Taken from in Loch Lomond.
This portrait was taken at the Cruin from within the Loch.

This is such a lovely place to get married. The scenery is spectacular, with the jetty into the Loch and the Ben Lomond in the background. The staff are fantastic too. We look forward to visiting it again in 2019!

The runners up to most visited venue are

  • Dunglass Estate (East Lothian)
  • The Hub (Edinburgh)
  • Strawberry Barns (East Lothian)
  • The Ghillie Dhu (Edinburgh)
  • Dalhousie Castle (Midlothian)

All of which we visited twice this year.

Most interesting wedding space

The most interesting wedding ceremony space has to go to Tullibole Castle for their ceremony cathedral tree.

Get married inside the canopy of a tree

It seats about 60 guests and has its own chandelier too. As if getting married in a tree isn’t fantastic enough at Tullibole you’ll also be amongst their flock of peacocks as you wander around their grounds. Pretty fantastic!

Why do it?

There’s a lot of travelling in this job. It can be tiring to do, stressful to plan and often the actual journey is boring – honestly, traffic jams in any country suck.  We’ve been up and down Scotland for weddings this year, hopped on planes to Ireland, France and Canada too. But in between the traffic jams, the airport queues and the parking restrictions there are the weddings. Sharing, loving, dancing, drinking and singing. We get to share in some of the best times of peoples lives. That’s one of the best things about this job. We get to make friends everywhere because our office is the world!